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Wind of change

Evan and I are in quite the transition right now and our work is reflecting that change. We have traveled around the world and seen some of the best art on the planet and it has inspired us to push our art toward new horizons.

We are excited to share with you a sneak peak of some of our latest works in progress!


Here's what's ON THE EASEL:

Evan's new series inspired by Antonio Gaudi's architecture and design in Barcelona

Evan is working on a new series inspired by our time living in Barcelona and being surrounded by the gorgeous work of Antonio Gaudi.

Here's a video that takes you on a journey 'in the round' to see the dimensional aspects of this new painting series where mixed media meets sculpture!

Instagram is an amazing way to discover like-minded people from around the world. Since I've been sharing my Ernest Shackleton SS Endurance work there, I've come into contact with a lot of interesting people who have been inspired by Shackleton's legacy of leadership and adventure.

One of my Instagram followers recently returned from a trip to Antarctica and has been sharing with me the wonder of her experience there. She has agreed to let me use one of her photos as inspiration for continuing my painting series, 'By Endurance We Conquer'.

So here's a big shout out to Rebecca, a.k.a 'bigsky_ wanderer' for collaborating with me on the development of this new painting!



Even though his voyage is now 100 years old, Ernest Shackleton still continues to inspire people with his courage, optimism and leadership acumen. As a way to encourage others, and share the insights I've learned from him, I'm doing a series of blogs about what Shackleton has taught me about HOPE.

If you need some HOPE today, check out my most recent post on Staying Buoyant in Times of Struggle.


BEHIND THE SCENES in the artist's studio

Part of our mission as artists is to share wisdom and resources with other artists and to educate our viewers and clients about our creative process. To do that, we have launched a youtube channel, Artlovelife!

At Artlovelife, we are sharing our insights and behind the scenes videos that show a glimpse into our studios.

In our most recent series, you can see me painting in a quaint little 1970s themed kitchen in a flat in Rothesay, Bute, Scotland! Here's part 4 of the 5 part series:

We are very excited about the opportunity to show our work in Bute, Scotland!

Here is the final video of me explaining the painting's finishing touches while delivering the painting to David and Caroline Gardner for exhibit in their beautiful space, Castle Gallery:

Here's an image of the final version of 'The Light of Ettrick Bay', now showing at Castle Gallery.



Are you looking to make some changes for spring?

Do your walls need some color and light?

"Nocturne in Valldemossa" is a painting I did that is inspired by one of our trips to Mallorca, Spain, where we visited the guest quarters of Chopin in a beautiful old Carthusian monastery.

Chopin lived there in the winter of 1838-39 and composed Opus 28, Ballade No. 2, Opus 38, two Polonaises, Op. 40, and the Scherzo No. 3, Opus 39.

Outside of the Carthusian monastery in the beautiful village of Valldemossa is a lovely rose garden.

When I saw these yellow roses, I could hear a Chopin concert being played that evening, the piano dripping out of a second story window on a warm June night.

Want to be reminded of travel, beauty, adventure and the poetry of beautiful music?

"Nocturne in Valldemossa" (30 x 24, oil on panel) would be a lovely addition to bring warmth and light into your space.

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