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"Evan and I believe that within each individual lies a creative well-spring of potential. 

As artists and educators we love helping students draw out that creativity. lt's like sending a bucket into a well and pulling out water that is both beautiful and life-giving."

-Alison Shepard

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

-Henry Ward Beecher

From travel abroad to murals with Artworks Cincinnati; from the university classroom to the intimacy of their home studios, Evan and Alison draw from a variety of teaching experiences and years of expertise to offer students a unique adventure in learning! 

Starting up in March, 2019, Evan and Alison will be offering an assortment of classes from their home studios! 


-Small class sizes in an inspiring setting. 

-Personalized attention and encouragement to help students realize their artistic goals and dreams.

-Because of the individualized attention, these courses are geared toward both beginner and intermediate artists.


with Evan Hildebrandt

Level: Beginner

4 students max per class, 2 min per class

*All materials included

Open slots are on a first come basis.

In this 4 week course, Evan will walk each student through the process of making a mixed media abstract painting similar to one of his own.

Students will learn:

-How to lay out an abstract composition

-A variety of abstract techniques to build on the composition. Many of which are unique to Evan’s work

-An introduction and application of epoxy resin techniques

-An intro into mixed media techniques to add texture to a painting. Using more than just paint to make a work of art.

-Multiple specialized acrylic painting techniques

Each student will walk away from this course with a completed 2x4 ft painting of their own, as well as, the skills to make their own work in the future. Students will also gain access to Evan’s vast knowledge of techniques for future projects and he will be available to answer questions after the course is finished.


Classes start the first Monday, Tuesday or Saturday of each month.

Students can choose which day works best for their schedule.

Slots are on first come basis and held with payment. Classes include 1 make up day if needed. *Make up days will be held on alternative class dates.

Max class size of 4 students. Minimum of 2.

Class times are:

Monday and Tuesday Nights 6-9:30pm

Saturdays 10am-12:30 pm

Location: 6571 Parkland Ave 

Cincinnati, Ohio  45233


Price: $350

Contact Evan to reserve your space and specify preferred day.

Thanks for submitting!


with Alison Shepard

-Students choose their own projects and receive help and training to achieve their personal artistic goals


-Students can choose to work on group projects directed by Alison, or individual projects, according to their needs

-This 6 week course can be taken multiple times as the student grows in ability

-These classes are on-going every Monday 

-Mondays don't work?  Email Alison with your scheduling needs!

-Contact me for availability, minimum number of students is 3, maximum is 5

-In case of schedule conflicts or illness, students may complete their 6 week course in 8 weeks

-Contact Alison for suggested supply list

Class times are:

Monday Nights 7-9:30pm

Location: 6571 Parkland Ave 

Cincinnati, Ohio  45233

Price: $200

Reserve your space for Alison's Open Studio Painting and Drawing class.

Thanks for submitting!

The Art of Landscape Painting

with Alison Shepard

The Art of Landscape Painting is starting March 5th, 2019!

4 weeks of instruction in oil painting

the landscape: atmospheric perspective, value, texture, color 

​-Tuesdays 7-930pm at Alison's studio

March 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

-Classes are limited to only 5 students; first come, first serve availability,

Minimum class size is 3 students.

-Contact Alison for a suggested supply list

Class times are:

Tuesday Nights 7-9:30pm

Location: 6571 Parkland Ave 

Cincinnati, Ohio  45233


Reserve your space for Alison's
The Art of Landscape Painting class.

Thanks for submitting!

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